Thursday, April 30, 2015

TBT: Ole Anderson Promo on Taking Flair's Hair in a Tag Match

Found this gem today while looking for a Throwback Thursday (TBT) post. I had no previous knowledge of this angle, but found some information which is shared below the video. Listening to Ole Anderson threaten to cut Ric Flair's hair is especially awesome considering they went on to be founding members of the greatest stable ever.

As mentioned above, here's a summary of what Ole is referring to from
Ole Anderson and Gene Anderson vs. Ric Flair and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine” – This is footage from the mid-70s which is not exactly in the best of shape. The match cuts out before the end and switches to an Ole promo about their upcoming rematch where he and Gene will cut Flair and Valentine’s hair if they lose.

Ole Anderson and Gene Anderson vs. Ric Flair and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in a cage match- This is apparently the match referred to in the previous Ole promo. Valentine and Flair beat the sh*t out of both Andersons and the referee before leaving the cage. Ole and Gene cut a promo from the hospital because Gene is the hospital because of a piledriver and several other neck injuries that were inflicted on him.
Much like I always preface any discussion about Roman Reigns with, "Now I'm a Roman Reigns guy..." I feel compelled to point out that as a young man I didn't understand the appeal of Ole Anderson. I thought both the Luger and Windham versions of the Horsemen were better. Right now today at 36 years old, my opinion has changed. Windham was great and was a great Horsemen, but the original unit with Ole "The Rock" Anderson is the best version of the Horsemen. Speaking of Roman Reigns though, one of the things that makes him great is that he always stayed true to his character. When he was a face he wasn't demonstrably different than he was as a heel. That's one way WWE messed up with Roman Reigns, just because you're a face doesn't mean you cannot have an edge to you. Ole always had an edge and it worked for him. Roman Reigns having an edge works better for him than being John Cena Jr.

Anyhow, enough about Reigns. Ole Anderson is the man and I thought this was an interesting promo. Definitely worthy of a TBT post.