Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Raw Review: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Raw was weird for me last night.  There was a lot I liked, but I still found myself kind of drifting in and out of it.  I probably deserve most of the blame for that as I was just completely wiped by the end of the show and ready to head to bed.

All that said, this Raw Review is going to be a bit different than usual.  Here's Powell's Raw Hit List from DOT NET for an alternate perspective on the show.
  • Roman Reigns is coming along nicely. I was in the "They have to turn Roman heel" crowd, but I no longer think that's necessary.  Randy Orton is excellent as a face although it seems everyone wants to tell me he sucks as one.  A Triple Threat at Payback is the way to go and I think it's still too soon to crown Reigns and to take the strap off of Rollins.
  • King of the Ring was a tremendous way to make all those midcard matches matter.  Putting the semis and final on WWE Network is smart as well and I'm watching it now.
  • The crowd was lively in Green Bay, Wisconsin (I hear TNA's Mr. Anderson when I write that).  So lively that I felt it deserved mention in the post's title even.
  • While I've often complained about Kane and Big Show they both served a purpose here.  Show mainly by his absence which put Reigns over in a big way.  Kane's role has been fairly interesting with the tension playing out between him and Rollins in The Authority.
  • The New Day was DOA in my opinion, but that heel turn has made them really solid.  That's a quality trio and I'm happy for those guys.
  • No pun intended, but I'm kind of still having a hard time washing the stink of that Kiss My Arse stipulation off the Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler feud.
  • Neville is a star and Luke Harper is underutilized. 
  • Bray Wyatt's target was revealed to be Ryback which was disappointing only because I was hoping for a Reigns/Wyatt feud.  Interesting that the Rotunda boys crossed paths here.
  • Damien Sandow's mic work was hit and miss.  His initial promo was great and I was interested to see him interact with Curtis Axel, but the mimic thing wore thin quickly especially with that voice he used. 
  • Speaking of Sandow, I'm hoping Fandango/Adam Rose is our next "Free TV Feud" like Miz/Sandow was.  I think they need those to run at that level on the card to keep things interesting.  Not everything needs to build to PPV especially in the WWE Network Era. 
Not a bad show at all last night, but another one that didn't full grab my attention.  Again, that's not so much a commentary on the show as much as it was on my situation, but still.  With only 3 weeks until Payback I hope we have some hot Raws between now and then.  With Raw heading to Montreal on Monday we should have another lively crowd.  That always helps.