Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Raw Review: Extreme Rules Go-Home Show

This was not a captivating show.  At one point I realized I had looked at my computer for several minutes while barely paying attention to Raw at all.  It was, however, a better show than last week.  Looking at the Raw Preview it seems that there wasn't a ton of things that happened that weren't touched on there.  Here's Powell's Live Raw Review from DOT NET if you would like to have an alternate take on Monday's show.
  • Triple H is back--He came out and officially announced Tough Enough, 10 men and 5 women is how it's going to be setup.  One man and one woman will be named winners.  His main purpose was to further the dissension within The Authority storyline.  The tension between Rollins and Kane continued and Kane had a pretty good moment on the mic actually when he pointed out that The Authority made Rollins champ.  There was a nice nod to history by pointing out that Kane himself helped Rollins win the Money in the Bank in the first place.  I'm still ready to see Kane inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he had a good night.
  • Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton--Orton went on an RKO rampage throughout the night which I thought was kind of unfortunate.  Giving Heath Slater the RKO in catering?  Not bad.  Doing it to The New Day who just earned a WWE World Tag Title shot at Extreme Rules or The Miz who had just won his "brand" from Damien Sandow?  Not so great.  The end with Rollins trapping himself in the Steel Cage with Orton was good as was the RKO.  I also liked that WWE was trying to get #NoRKO trending because it looked like they were talking about SAW partner, Norko.  The rumor that the Curb Stomp has been banned appears to be true and that wonky DDT/flapjack type thing he did is not a suitable replacement.  It's going to be hard to top the Curb Stomp, but they've got to do better than that.
  • Roman Reigns on the mic--Another decent outing on the mic for Reigns.  Letting him Superman Punch Bo Dallas and then saying, "BO-LIEVE THAT!" was actually pretty funny.  If they are patient and they have him convincingly take care of Big Show at Extreme Rules they can continue to turn this thing around for him.  
  • John Cena's US Open Challenge--Corporate Kane challenged Cena to prove he was still a bad man.  It didn't work as the US Champion beat him clean in the middle. 
  • The Miz vs Mizdow for The Miz brand--I didn't mind the concept of this match and the right guy won.  It was going to be dopey if Mizdow won and didn't become his own man.  Summer Rae oozes heelishness and shouldn't have been a face anyway so this worked on both counts for me.  
  • Naomi and the Divas Title--Naomi is getting her shot as anticipated.  I don't really care one way or another.  I will be interested to see how Nikki and Naomi work at the show though.  Nikki will be fine, but I'm a little nervous about Naomi.
  • Everything Else--Bray Wyatt is still cutting promos on a mystery target.  Roman Reigns seems to be the most mentioned name.  The New Day's heel turn is getting some traction.  The Lucha Dragons losing in that manner didn't hurt them a bit either.  Ambrose and Harper brawled to setup their Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules.  Sheamus had an awesome bullying moment with Ryder.  He channeled Don Muraco eating a meatball sub by talking on the mic throughout the match.  Ziggler came to Ryder's rescue before he took on Rollins later in the night.  Ryback told a groaner of a joke.
This week's Raw wasn't actively bad.  It did not feel like a true go-home show for a PPV though and was fairly forgettable.  I was encouraged to see Reigns do well out there on the mic and they should continue down the road with his, "I'm not here to talk I'm here to fight" gimmick.  The Authority stuff was done pretty well throughout the night and RKOs outta nowhere were kind of fun, but also counter-productive.  Extreme Rules is going to be an interesting show, but I can't say this Raw made me want to see it anymore than I already did.