Monday, April 6, 2015

Raw Preview: April 6, 2015

Just took a look at the Raw Five-Point Preview on The Official Site of the WWE Universe.  The main selling point is who is first in line for a shot at Seth Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Title now that former champion Brock Lesnar has been indefinitely suspended.  This may come as a surprise, but right now today I hope it's not Roman Reigns.  We'll deal more with that in a moment though.  Here's the Five-Point Preview.
  1. Can Rollins survive Monday Night Raw?--As mentioned, the two current candidates are Randy Orton (who beat Rollins at Mania) and Roman Reigns (who had his title match turned into a three-way at Mania).  It looks to me like Orton will get first crack and he should.  Not just from the storyline reason that he holds the most recent victory over the new champion, but also because it will give WWE time to continue to work with Roman Reigns and prepare him for that spot.
  2. Has Cena sparked an international incident?--It seems to me that Cena is going to hold that US Title for a decent bit which will hopefully restore that title to its former glory to a degree.  What gets tricky there is how they get past the Extreme Rules match with Cena hanging on to the strap, but not hurting Rusev with a second straight loss on a big stage.
  3. A Celtic fire threatens to burn down the Intercontinental Title picture--The return of Sheamus as a heel is a nice development in the IC Title picture.  It would make perfect sense to have him and Bryan feud over that belt and it appears that's the direction they are going, but former champion Bad News Barrett and crowd-favorite Dolph Ziggler are still in that mix.  I say do Sheamus/Bryan now and Ziggler/Barrett as a number one contender feud. 
  4. What will the fallout be from Lesnar’s chaos?--Conventional wisdom says Lesnar will probably be back for SummerSlam.  This seems like an opportunity to keep Lesnar's name out there and to keep his advocate, Paul Heyman around. 
  5. Is Funk ‘rolling’ her way to a Divas Title Match?--Naomi appears to be heading for a showdown with Divas Champion, Nikki Bella and this feud with Natalya is what's going to get her there.  
Going to be an interesting show.  We are kind of back to the old question of, "How will this crowd react to Roman Reigns?"  Last week's Raw did him no favors when it seemed the Mania main event had.  Hopefully they take their time with Reigns to rebuild him as a face properly.  If they don't get things pointing in the right direction soon they really need to consider a heel turn for The Big Dog.  That may be the only way to fully reset him and make him the face they ultimately want him to be.