Monday, April 13, 2015

Raw Preview: April 13, 2015

The Raw Five-Point Preview is now up and here's my weekly look at the show. This one will be taped in London which will mean we should have spoilers available early in the afternoon here I believe.  I will provide a link to those once I get my hands on them.  Typically, London Raws don't excite me much, but I'm all-in on this one.  

  1. How will The Viper get even with Seth Rollins?--Moving Roman Reigns out of the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture was a wise move for now.  With Orton the number one challenger for the time-being this will allow them to focus on Orton/Rollins which should be a fun feud now that the belt is in play.  Orton has been as over as anyone since his return even with WWE's mishandling of him initially.  I think the match at Extreme Rules will be a solid one and hopefully Rollins will be the slippery champion until then.
  2. Could John Cena lose the U.S. Title in the U.K.?--Cena's "US Open" challenge will take place across the pond which will be an interesting dynamic.  I like that gimmick a lot even though we have no reason to believe that anyone other than Cena will be US Champion heading into his match with Rusev at Extreme Rules.  Hopefully this gives us another entertaining match like Ambrose/Cena and Stardust/Cena.  WWE has done the unthinkable and that's to make John Cena somewhat interesting to me.
  3. Which Diva will get the ultimate chance against Nikki Bella?--The Divas Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender is a good idea.  If Naomi is going to be as awful in the ring as she was last Monday they might want to consider using this to give the shot to someone else.  I don't believe that will happen though as I fully expect her to earn her shot at Nikki and the Divas Title tonight.
  4. Will Sheamus be cut down to size?--The hook here is selling Sheamus and his "anti-underdog quest" which is a smart move.  The Sheamus heel turn and new look has been a great way to freshen up a character that the Universe was clearly tired of as a face.  In the world of wrestling figure collectors for example Sheamus is one of the top "peg warmers" in any Toys R Us you walk into these days.  WWE is clearly high on the guy even with his injury issues, but he needed something to freshen his whole deal up and to their credit they've done it.  They float the idea that he could mix it up with Bryan or Ziggler.  With IC Champion Bryan taking on Barrett I'm going to assume that we get Sheamus/Ziggler first and then possibly a Sheamus/Bryan feud.  I hope they don't have Bryan drop the strap to Sheamus though.  They need to let him keep that and run with it for a while.  Only Daniel Bryan is going to be able to restore that title to its former glory if that's what they intend to do.
  5. Has The Miz’s spotlight been stolen?--Putting the spotlight on The Miz/Damien Mizdow feud in the Five-Point Preview is a bit of a surprise, but it is a pleasant one.  The Miz TV segment on SmackDown was one of their better interactions since the split and I hope this feud starts to gather some real momentum.  
Notable omissions are Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt who may very well get something started tonight.  I'm all for that feud although I'm not really wanting to see either guy lose to the other.  If they stretch it out over a couple of months though I would definitely like to see them face off at least a couple of times on PPV.

The show sounds promising.  It will be hard for me to not read the spoilers, but even if I do I intend to sit down and watch the entire episode.  The crowd should be lively which is always a bonus as well.