Monday, April 20, 2015

Raw Preview: 4-20-2015

The Official Site of the WWE Universe has their Five-Point Raw Preview up with a look at what we might expect from tonight's Raw.  As always the points are below with some of my thoughts on the subjects.
  1. What’s on Triple H’s mind?--Interestingly enough the Tough Enough announcement is the lead here with the dissension in The Authority following.  While I'm tired of Kane it will be interesting to see what Triple H has to say about all the nonsense between him and The Undisputed Future, Seth Rollins.  I'm guessing we'll get masked Kane in short order.
  2. Is Roman Reigns ready to be the Last Man Standing?--Once again WWE finds itself in a precarious position with Roman Reigns. The first hurdle is that fans have less than zero desire to see Big Show do anything it seems like at this point.  Secondly, Roman needs to win and win convincingly, but everything related to him at this point is filtered through the "Make Roman look strong" meme.  This will be a good first look at how the crowd looks at Show and Reigns which should give us some idea how Extreme Rules may go. 
  3. What’s next for Paige?--Sounds like Paige is going away for a while and it looks like Naomi will get her shot after all.  If that's the case I certainly hope she's ready for the in-ring aspect of it now that a heel turn has freshened her up tremendously. 
  4. Who will retain the “Miz” name?--This reminds me of the idiotic feud over Booker's 'T' in WCW.  It's a screwy situation because Mizdow losing is actually what needs to happen in order for him to break out and really do his own thing.  I guess this explains why he retained the Midzow name, tights, music, etc. to this point.  
  5. Is Seth Rollins afraid of losing his title at Extreme Rules?--Main thrust here is to put over the "No RKO" stip at Extreme Rules, but this does make a nod to the fact that Orton may have some idea how to make the Steel Cage work to his advantage.  In theory it should at least work to keep J&J at bay, but we know how that goes nowadays.  Having Orton challenge Rollins first for his belt is a great decision given their history and how hot Orton's face run is right now.  I'm all for this. 
After a disappointing effort from London last week I am hoping this Raw is an improvement.  I think it will be to some degree.  

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