Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mattel WWE Figures: DDP, nWo Outsiders Two-Pack, and Sting Defining Moments

Just saw these pics on Twitter. Not so sure about that DDP, but I'd like a better look at it. Hall and Nash are "Too Sweet!" and Sting is nice as well. He'll go well with my Hogan and Flair Defining Moments.

The pics were taken by Chris (@inrogers29) at C2E2, Chicago's Pop Culture Event, Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

UPDATE: has pictures of these figures and more. Here's Part 2. Current Dean Ambrose is a nice looking fig as is the updated Bray Wyatt which I may actually get even though I have the first Elite Bray Wyatt. That's a good Malenko, but I'll pass on that since I have the Jakks one. That Horsemen four-pack still looks great of course.

FWIW, WrestlingFigs says their pics are from Vegas and not C2E2.