Saturday, April 4, 2015

Booker T on his match at WrestleMania XIX

Ryan Rider with Main Event Radio recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T.  The most interesting aspect of the discussion as recapped by DOT NET was Booker's thoughts on losing to Triple H at Mania XIX.
Honestly, even with my 35 championships it's never really been about titles for me. The fans were disappointed but I didn't go back to my room upset that I didn't win. For me it's always been about performing. People really wanted me to win – and it was a great match, we left everything in the ring. I can always respect HHH, that he was able to take it just as much as he could dish it out. Me not winning, I would not take that as a black mark on my career or anything like that. A lot of people were disappointed, a lot of office people came up to me and said you should have won. But it just wasn't meant for me that night and we move on.
The outcome of that match was one of the most disappointing WrestleMania Moments that I can recall.  The build to that match had some inappropriate racial overtones and to me it begged for an outcome where Booker T proved his worth by defeating Triple H.  Booker's take on the subject is a really interesting insight into his thought-process.

As I pointed out in my Booker T: Sentenced to Greatness review, Booker's story really is an inspiring one.  To overcome what he's overcome and to accomplish what he has accomplished really is pretty incredible.  I think his take on a situation that he could certainly be salty about shows exactly what he's made of in general. 

The interview touches on other subjects such as the 2001 InVasion, King Booker, retirement, his time in TNA, and what TNA needs to do to take that next step.  

Again, props to DOT NET for recapping this interview and to Ryan Rider and Main Event Radio for the interview.