Monday, April 20, 2015

About Neville...

There seems to be some discontent that the main roster's newest addition, Neville, hasn't gotten a big win yet.  The refrain seems to be that "This isn't how you get someone over."  I tend to disagree with this line of thinking because there certainly is a path to get Neville over in a big way. 

How do you do it?  It's simple really.  The guy goes out there each week and really impresses the crowd and they are firmly behind him.  People want to see this guy get a win over an established star.  Have him be oh so close in these fantastic matches.  One day he'll break through, hopefully against a hated heel, and it will be magnificent. 

Context is everything so there are times when I will say that holding back on a legitimate push is a mistake. In this case I think Neville's dynamic style will earn him points with fans whether he wins or not.  You can't carry this out indefinitely, mind you, but I don't think he needed to come out of the gate tearing through everyone to get over either. 

Time will tell whether it was a mistake or not to have Neville not get huge wins right out of the gate.  Let's get beyond this notion that there's one right way to do everything though.  Not every thing or every talent fits so neatly into our little boxes.  You know what I mean?