Friday, March 13, 2015 10 Greatest NWA/WCW TV Champions

While fishing around via I noticed this list which spoke to me. As a WCW mark who loved the TV Title I wanted to know who WWE gave as the 10 Greatest NWA/WCW Television Champions.

All in all I don't think they did a bad job with it.  Here is their criteria if it matters to you.
Each entry was chosen based on their impact as champion, combined title reigns and the prestige the competitors brought to the championship.
Without further ado, here is their list. 
  1. "Double A" Arn Anderson
  2. "Stunning" Steve Austin
  3. Booker T
  4. Lord Steven Regal/William Regal
  5. Tully Blanchard
  6. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
  7. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
  8. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
  9. Rick Steiner
  10. The Great Muta
One interesting omission for me is Sting.  For one thing he is almost always included on any sort of list WWE does related to WCW.  Oddly even though he only had the one reign he always crosses my mind when the TV Title is discussed.   All that said, it's not a bad omission by any stretch because he held the title only once and for only four months.  Typically, WWE finds a way to include him in these things so I figured he'd be near the end of the list regardless.

Lord Steven Regal and Arn Anderson are the guys I probably most closely relate to that title.  Rick Steiner's victory is the most memorable.  Booker T was one of my favorite TV champs.

Another thing that strikes me is that although this is clearly a secondary title the list of talent who held it is quite impressive.  Now "Stunning" Steve Austin wasn't "Stone Cold" Steve Austin huge at the time he held the strap, but that title had an impressive list of title-holders.  It also felt like an important title even during the Monday Night War era when guys like Booker T, Perry Saturn, Rick Martel, and Chris Benoit were trading the title.  The silver version of the belt was also one of my favorite belts ever.  

Hopefully, WCW fans such as myself enjoy this list like I did.  It's always nice to revisit Where the Big Boys Play.