Monday, March 9, 2015

WWE 2K15: NXT DLC and 1.04 Update Notes

The WWE 2K15 NXT DLC Pack will be made available Tuesday, March 10th (tomorrow!).  As customary a software update for the game (Update 1.04) has been released.  When these updates are released they often include various fixes for other issues as well.  Update 1.04 is no different. A link to the notes for this patch is shared below.

The NXT DLC itself is far more interesting than the patch so let's take a look at that.  The NXT DLC Pack will give you the following playable characters per this DLC breakdown.

  • JBL
  • Adam Rose
  • The Ascension
    • Konnor
    • Victor
  • Emma
The NXT DLC Pack will cost $6.99 and that is not part of the WWE 2K15 Showcase Season Pass.  That only applies to the Accelarator, and the Showcase DLCs.

I'm going to pickup a PSN card tomorrow at lunch so I can purchase this.  I may also pick up the Moves Pack at the same time although I passed on that previously.  I always look forward to new DLC because it always gives me a reason to dust off my WWE game again.  This will be no different.