Monday, March 9, 2015

Raw Preview: March 9, 2015

The Official Site of the WWE Universe has their Raw Five-Point Preview up for tonight's show.  As is customary I am going to take a look at it here on South Atlanta Wrestling.

  1. How will Brock Lesnar deal with Roman Reigns?--Lesnar is scheduled to appear which will be the first time in a while that Reigns and Lesnar have been together and unless I'm forgetting something this would be the first time they got physical if it does happen tonight.  WWE is on dangerous ground here because I doubt Roman Reigns will get a warm reaction in Pittsburgh and no matter which way they play it Lesnar will probably be viewed as more of a face than The Big Dog.  If you have Reigns dominate Lesnar then people will respond with the usual "Make Roman look strong" meme.  If Lesnar looks dominant over Reigns it may succeed in selling Reigns as the underdog, but I'm pretty sure the crowd would eat it up regardless.  Doing a non-conclusive brawl would probably be the best option.  Reigns has shined in that setting before (Raw before Fastlane with Daniel Bryan) and Lesnar always looks great in that setting.  It will be interesting and this is the thing I most look forward to on tonight's show.
  2. What is Bray Wyatt planning for The Undertaker?--Bray Wyatt has Taker's urn and is threatening to "unleash its spirit" on Raw.  What's amazing to me is that in 2015 we are still going with the idea that the urn is the source of Undertaker's powers.  It's corny, but somehow it works with Undertaker.  I don't know when/if we will see Undertaker before WrestleMania, but at this point I think they'll have him respond soon.  Could it be tonight?  I doubt it, but Bray has done an excellent job keeping this interesting while not ever being in the same ring or arena with The Phenom. 
  3. Will Rusev accept Curtis Axel’s challenge?--Axelmania has been a surprising hit with me.  Curtis Axel taking his "I was never eliminated from the Rumble" shtick and becoming modern-day Hulk Hogan is entertaining and hilarious.  The idea that he'll get the US Title shot at Mania and be able to get two spots to shine (US Title/Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal) is laughable, but it works for Curtis Axel right now.  I assume that John Cena is involved in this somehow so let's move on to Point 4.
  4. Will John Cena get a WrestleMania match?--Rusev/Cena has to happen at Mania, but I'm not sure how they'll get there.  It would be hilarious if Cena helped Curtis Axel survive Rusev somehow.  Trick is since Rusev has that undefeated gimmick you don't want to ruin that ahead of Mania.  
  5. How will Triple H assert his control over WWE?--Primary selling point here is Triple H's temporary firing of Booker T last week.  The tease is that he may get involved in the Randy Orton/Rest of The Authority issue.  Assuming Sting's not showing up (that is my assumption) then I would expect some show of force from Triple H which is kind of a shame.  I felt that the Sting feud might be a good way to distance Triple H from his Authority role for a bit.  Unfortunately, it appears we are getting more of it as opposed to less.  It does make sense in that regard because the more Triple H abuses his power the more that should get the fans riled up to see Sting right the wrong.  I just figured by this point Triple H would be transitioned into more of a wrestler than COO while he focused on Sting.
Not focused on in the Five-Point Preview, but Wiz Khalifa is hosting and performing on Raw as well.  No real sell for a Orton/Rollins at Mania other than the brief mention of their issue in the Triple H asserting control point above.  I cannot imagine that Rollins or Orton will be doing anything else at WrestleMania so you would think their shaky alliance would fail sooner rather than later.

Hopefully this ends up being the Raw we are all waiting for heading into The Showcase of the Immortals.  I'm not going to predict that though as I've been burned multiple times already.