Monday, March 23, 2015

Raw Preview: March 23, 2015

The Raw Five-Point Preview is up so as usual I will take a look at the five main talking points being pushed for tonight's show. In theory, this week's Raw, WrestleMania, and next week's Raw should be three of the best WWE shows of the year. The way the build to WrestleMania has gone I hesitate to predict that, but historically that's how it works. That said on to the Five Points.
  1. Will Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar brawl before WrestleMania?--Not sure how they are going with this, but it seems we will finally get some preview of the Mania main event with some physicality between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.  I figure whoever gets the best of that should be telling...but I wonder if we'll get something more like that wild Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns brawl at the Raw before Fastlane than we will one guy standing tall.  I saw this mentioned elsewhere, but in this case I think the slow burn may have been a mistake.  Considering many fans are interested in this match to see how the fans react I think WWE should have started their hard sell for this sooner and had Lesnar and Reigns mix it up before tonight.  Hopefully by the end of the night we will all want to see this match a bit more than many of us currently do.  I mean I'm already in, but I know many are kind of cool to this one.
  2. How will Triple H respond to Sting?--If Sting is in fact going over at Mania (it would be a huge mistake if he doesn't) you'd figure that Triple H has to leave him laying here.  I thought Fastlane would be the time for that, but they didn't go that direction.  As of now this feud is heavily on-sided.  I know some are disinterested in this because "Sting is old" and the "match won't be any good," but sometimes WrestleMania especially is about moments, not matches.  This will all culminate in an iconic moment regardless how the match itself goes.  For a WCW mark like myself WrestleMania will be exciting and surreal when the Stinger goes one-on-one with Triple H.
  3. Does retribution await Bad News Barrett?--BNB being unable to physically hang on to the IC Title was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.  That said, they were smart to end that nonsense last week as it's time to serious it up a bit.  The tease here is that Ziggler and/or Bryan will be looking for revenge after getting destroyed with Bull Hammers last week.  I would assume that we will see all the IC Ladder Match competitors in the ring together tonight.  While I understand that many think that too much quality talent is being stuck in this one match, I look at it the other way.  I think the IC Ladder match will be entertaining as can be and some excellent sizzle for this year's Mania.
  4. Will Randy Orton get his hands on Seth Rollins?--This question would be far more interesting had they played this the right way initially.  I mean it's always good to see Seth Rollins get his, but Orton absolutely brutalized him a couple of weeks ago.  I still think this may end up being the best match at WrestleMania and I am interested to see how it plays out tonight, but I really wish they had handled this whole thing differently.
  5. Is Rusev afraid of John Cena?--Interesting question poised here as to whether Rusev is playing games with Cena or whether he is actually concerned about losing his title and his unbeaten streak at WrestleMania.  That's not a bad way to play it even with Rusev's impressive Fastlane win.  It's clear that John Cena pushed Rusev harder than anyone else has and it makes sense to play this like Rusev may not be quite as confident that he can do it again. 
Bill Simmons and Snoop Dogg will both be on Raw tonight.  It is always interesting to see which five storylines they choose to highlight in this thing as this week we get no mention of Undertaker/Bray Wyatt, Divas or the Tag Team Titles.

Despite getting burned over this before I really do believe Raw will be a good one tonight.  I certainly hope it is at least.  I'm hoping we have one of those finishes that is so hot that I'd rather stay up discussing it than go to bed.  That's my hope and expectation.  Will my expectations be met?  We'll see tonight.