Monday, March 2, 2015

Raw Preview: March 2, 2015 has their Five-Point Preview up for tonight's Raw.  Again as we continue to head down the Road to WrestleMania my expectations are high.  After last week though I am far more cautiously optimistic than I would like to be. 

Here are the five issues that The Official Site of the WWE Universe is pushing heading into tonight's Raw.
  1. Will Cena battle Rusev at WrestleMania?--Not sure how we get to Rusev/Cena at WrestleMania and the tease that something else could await Cena at Mania is interesting.  I don't see a scenario where Rusev/Cena doesn't happen though.  From a storyline standpoint I'm not sure what Cena does that gets Rusev to relent and grant him a title match.  This has been handled tremendously well and is currently making John Cena palatable so that's nice.
  2. Does a Curb Stomp await Jon Stewart?--No idea where this is going, but that's a kind of cool "get" for WWE. 
  3. How will Reigns prepare for Lesnar?--The focus here is on what Roman Reigns will do to prepare himself for the "biggest match of his career."  My hopes aren't high for this.  I like Reigns, but they'll probably trot him out there with a mic again to try to get him over.  He's been much better on the stick since they rebooted him, but he still needs to be a man of action.  If the rumor that Big Show is on deck for Roman Reigns after Mania is true then I shudder to think what they'll have Reigns doing on Raw.
  4. Is Randy Orton going to snap?--Hopefully he will.  Eventually he will obviously.  Problem is that it just won't matter as much as it should have.  I completely get trying to delay gratification, but in this case they should have rode the hot return of Randy Orton instead of that awkward exchange we got at the end of Raw. 
  5. Who will take possession of the Intercontinental Championship this week?--I must admit that this whole thing with Bad News Barrett's IC Title belt is a guilty pleasure for me.  As always it helps that I like the individuals involved.  BNB is a guy I have high hopes for in the long run.  Dean Ambrose has been phenomenal post-SHIELD, and R-Truth is always good for a laugh.  His gimmick is so absurd that it really is entertaining to me.  He's great at being that crowd-participation face that adds energy to the show. 
Interestingly enough they are not focusing on Bray Wyatt/Undertaker in this week's preview. 

Hopefully, the Raw Review is not nearly as angry and disappointed as last week's Review.  They really need to get it cranked up quickly with WrestleMania right around the corner.