Monday, March 16, 2015

Raw Preview: March 16, 2015

Once again The Official Site of the WWE Universe has posted their Raw Five-Point Preview and I will take a look at it here on SAW.  I must admit that I'm kind of to the point where I cannot even bring myself to speculate whether tonight's show will be any good or not.  Each week I say, "THIS is the week that the Road to Mania gets cranked up" and too many of those weeks I've been dead wrong.  Hopefully things improve now that we are this close to The Showcase of the Immortals, but I figure all bets are off now.

Anyhow, here's their preview points with my thoughts on each.
  1. Should Rollins agree to face Randy Orton?--After that beating at the end of last week's Raw I would say, "No."  Obviously that isn't how "this. business." works so Rollins and Orton should be on for Mania.  That very well may be the best match on the card too.  I think it would be even better had they handled Orton's return better, but I guess you can't have everything.  It did amuse me that they approached this issue from that standpoint though because honestly it's a good question.  Why would Mr. Money in the Bank really want to tangle with Randy Orton at this point.  Pride of course, a bag full of dirty tricks I'm guessing, but Rollins has nothing to gain and a whole lot to lose.
  2. Where has Lana been?--Interesting development here while Lana is elsewhere.  It makes perfect sense to question why Lana would actually care about Rusev in a manner that seems different than he's her meal ticket.  It makes sense that Rusev might be aggravated that their master plan worked and he has to deal with John Cena now.  The fact that it is becoming more widely known that Rusev and Lana are actually an item probably plays into this to some degree.  I mentioned that Rollin/Orton may be the best match at Mania, but this one should be right there with it.
  3. Which team is most worthy to face Tyson Kidd & Cesaro for the WWE Tag Team Titles?--Personally, I think the WWE Tag Team Titles deserve a match between the champions and single set of challengers at the big show.  Unfortunately, it looks like we are hurtling towards some sort of multi-team match.  That's good for getting deserving talent on the card, but it's not how I'd personally deal with the titles.  I expect we'll get some convoluted mess tonight that advances us closer to a four-team match for the straps at Mania.
  4. How will Reigns be challenged on Raw?--I caught the Mark Henry/Roman Reigns segment and because of the non-organic way they've shoved Roman Reigns to the top of the card they walk a fine line in these scenarios.  Everything from a certain segment of the crowd at least is viewed through the cynical "Make Roman Reigns look strong" lens.  Bringing Mark Henry out is always a nice touch in my opinion and him speaking for "the boys in the back" was interesting and I'm guessing necessary due to the crowd's reaction to Reigns in general.  I liked the ending of the segment although I hate to see Mark Henry get clowned ever.  It worked for me, but then again I feel like I'm the only Roman Reigns mark in the world sometimes so that probably skews my opinion.  It will be interesting what they do tonight to make Roman look more legitimate.  They are out of the Northeast so he may have a better shot at a warm reaction.  We will see.
  5. Will Wyatt come to regret resurrecting The Deadman for WrestleMania?--I absolutely loved this segment from last week's Raw.  It was carried not by Bray Wyatt's words, but by his facial expressions.  He can emote that maniacal madman as good and believably as anyone.  Other than the previously covered issue that there are no satisfying conclusions to this match at Mania this is a really interesting feud.
We are close enough to Mania now that there should be no question as to whether tonight's show will be good.  Unfortunately, I've said that for weeks and WWE has continued to churn out an uneven product.  Kind of interesting that the IC Title situation which is a guilty pleasure of mine and should be a great spectacle at Mania wasn't mentioned this week.  Here's to hoping for a solid Raw tonight.  I mean Mania is right around the corner!

My brain isn't working so well because I forgot to add that PWMania had a post up about a spoiler for tonight's Raw.  Click here if you'd like to see it.