Thursday, March 12, 2015

NXT's Effect on the Independent Scene

I'm perusing Twitter today (@TheBottomLine if you want to follow me) and Absolute Intense Wrestling posed the statement on their Twitter.

"There is a lot of debate on social media today about the impact NXT touring will have on the indies,what do you think?"

I wanted to respond, but it'll take more than 140 characters to get my opinion across.  Both can have a positive response.  When I say both, I talk in regards to promotions like AIW (who have had current NXT talents like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn on their shows) and other promotions who haven't had those talents on their shows. 

First, in regards to promotions like AIW, I specify them because they were the ones who posed the question, and, they promote constantly on their social media accounts.  And that's the key for a successful wrestling PROMOTION, notice how I emphasize promotion.  They promote, and for them, in my opinion, they promote the right way, first by promoting the upcoming events, then by giving a sampling of who they are and what they offer, by putting up free matches, specifically featuring those who have been through AIW like the aforementioned Owens and Zayn along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.  And for them, it's worked, and I hope others follow their lead.  How do I know it's worked?  If you look at their shows and their attendance, it's been growing at a steady pace and they are a good example of what happens when you take the time to properly promote your shows.  Other groups who have also had NXT talents on their shows should be following AIW's lead.

For the other groups that haven't had NXT talents on their shows before?  It could also have a positive effect.  I have always been a person of the notion that when the business does well at the top (ie. WWE, TNA, ROH etc.) it has a trickle down effect to even the smallest independent promotions.  But it comes with a catch, it goes back to what I mentioned above, PROMOTION.  If you're going to promote a show, you have to promote.  Go out flyer, use social media, do podcast interviews, just about anything possible to get the word out of you're wrestling show.  And if the business is doing well (aka NXT doing a well attended and received show) and you promote well, the chances of it doing well are so much better than just putting Wrestling on the marquee.