Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Featured Match- AJ Styles vs Jason Cross vs Jimmy Rave (NWA Wildside 2004)

Ok ok, I'm a homer, but I don't care, this was a damn good match to watch live from the church of southern wrestling in Cornelia, Georgia.  This one comes from NWA Wildside, more specifically the Christmas Chaos show, which ironically took place in January.

At this point in time AJ Styles was already one of the featured performers for TNA and ROH, Jimmy Rave was also being featured in ROH as a member of the Embassy.  And Jason Cross had fought through some demons to make his return to Wildside and had reestablished himself as one of the top tier guys in NWA Wildside. 

This match took place as Wildside was ending it's run under the ownership of Bill Behrens and was definitely one of the highlights in a storied run.  The match was uploaded in 3 parts, and they're here in order.  Enjoy!