Sunday, March 8, 2015

Favorite Tag-Teams

David put it out there on Twitter, asking his followers just who are your favorite tag-teams.  I thought about it and well, it's very different than it was 15 or so years ago.  These are in no particular order, so without further ado...

The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus)
Perhaps ECW's greatest tag-team, The Eliminators, did not have the long sustained run that others that will be listed here have had.  But the impact they made was felt.  During a time when tag-teams in the other organizations were stagnant, Saturn and Kronus started the evolution of tag-team wrestling that teams of the early 00's would continue to this day.  And Total Elimination was a devastating finishing maneuver.
The Horsemen/Brainbusters (Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson)
While many tout Ric Flair and their favorite Horsemen and I have no quarrel with that, my favorite have to be the tag-team of Anderson and Blanchard.  What did they do that was so great?  Just watch any of their matches, oh I said it, ANY of their matches, even their squash matches.  Honestly I think that all needs to be said, well ok, combining the cockiness and bastardness of Tully and mix it with the precision and focus of Arn and you get a well coordinated tag-team that you pretty much hated, but respected. 
The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson)
Perhaps the most controversial of my favorites, but in my opinion, they are quite simply, the BEST tag-team in the world today.  You combine what made the Midnight Express and the Rock and Roll Express great and you got The Young Bucks.  They're the best when they're little brats, yet backing up all their talk with their talent.  9-10 years later since their debut, they're still adding new moves to their arsenal with the addition of the Meltzer Driver. 
The last team on my favorite tag-team list is probably the one that is the least known.  The last team to hold the NWA Wildside Tag-Team Championship has other types of qualities of teams that I like.  Two big, bruising guys who'll go in, beat the ever living bejessus out of their opponents.  Imagine Demolition's finishing move, where Ax hold an opponent on his knee and Smash does an elbow from the second rope.  Now imagine a guy much bigger than Smash coming down on you with his elbow.  Yeah, it's going to hurt much much worse.  Known more for their hardcore style, but can wrestle the traditional tag-team style in ways you don't expect.  

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