Monday, February 2, 2015

WWE 2K15 Showcase DLC "One More Match" Release Date

The "One More Match" Showcase DLC for WWE 2K15 will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, February 2nd).  Attack of the Fanboy has a writeup on it

The most important thing is that you will now have Edge and Christian added to your roster.  Attack of the Fanboy also notes the following:
You will also get the following 2011 arenas added to WWE 2K15: Smackdown, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, and Capitol Punishment.
Arenas, by and large, don't do much for me.  I wish they had given us some WCW-centric ones though with the WCW DLC Pack.  It's always nice to have at least a WCW Monday Nitro arena in the game.  

The cost is $9.99 for the "One More Match" DLC.  You can buy the Showcase DLC Season Pass for $24.99.   Two more Showcase DLCs will be released (Hall of Pain and Path of the Warrior) at $9.99 as well. 

Since I already paid for the 2K Showcase Season Pass I will be downloading this when I get home from work tomorrow.  I must admit it was a little odd having a WWE game without Edge in it. 

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