Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vince Russo on NXT

So I'm browsing the Internet, reading people's various opinions on the last NXT supershow and 99.9% of what I've been reading have been overwhelming positive, especially with the finish of the Kevin Owen/Sami Zayn title match. The only negative that I've read? Allegedly from former WWE writer Vince Russo:

The casual television viewing audience would absolutely scoff at this show. And, I don’t care it you give it SEVEN MILLION stars—it would never draw on a national level and that’s all that matters. And, if these young kids aren’t going to draw HERE—they certainly aren’t going to draw THERE 
Personally, I don’t care how the finish of the match was booked because I simply don’t care enough. Whoever is in charge hasn’t made me care enough.
Today [the finish] will be all right because it was NXT. Many will even try to make sense out of actually STOPPING a fight that wasn’t REAL to begin with. It’s called “the spin”? How you chose to make something look either “good”, or “bad” depending on your preference, or opinion. 
Well, here’s my spin on the finish of last night’s man event match between Sammy Zayn and Kevin Owens. Ready? Good. IT SUCKED.

 Ok. After calming down I decided on the words I want to say in reply. First off, NXT is for the hardcore fans anyway, however, if this was the main stage, if booked the way it has been, it most definitely would draw. Why? Because NXT has done a great job building up Sami Zayn as the sympathetic face for the better part of a year, so when he won the title, it meant that much more.  And with Owens turning just as his best friend had won the title, made the continuation of Zayn's story that much more interesting.

"stopping s fight that wasn't real to begin with"? There's a reason why it's professional wrestling, while sports entertainment is the popular term, look at the first word of that, sports, based on sports. And what this finish did, as is the storyline this whole time, was get the fans emotionally invested in Zayn's plight with the brutality of Owen's viciousness. Much like Rocky 3, which had "fake fighting".

It would get the same reaction on the main card and draw in causal viewers, why? Because they've properly built up the hero and brought in this villian who knows him all to well.