Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Miz Interview Touches on the Problem with Kayfabe in 2015

A constant refrain I hear on message boards, Twitter, etc. is that the death of kayfabe has hurt the wrestling business and/or current WWE TV programming.  Well The Miz recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio and this interview kind of spoke to why I disagree with this notion.
The future of Miz and Mizdow: It's funny that every sees to see this tension brewing between Mizdow and myself. The fact is that Damian is a stunt double. What was he doing before he met me? Nothing. He was crazy, he was barely on TV, and he never had a championship. Since he has been with me I have brought him to the promise land. I have made him relevant. I have made people cheer for him and love him. The reason why they are cheering for him is because he is an extension of me. If you watch him he is doing everything I do. So in a sense, everyone is cheering for me. So teasing this and that and the other thing, as long as Damian keeps doing what he is doing then that is completely fine with me. As long as he knows his place and where he stands. If he starts thinking that he is better than his place then we will start having problems.
As this answer shows attempting to kayfabe in 2015 is a fool's errand.  The horse has left the barn.  The vast majority of folks know what the deal is and you cannot go back and unring that bell.  This answer is even goofier when you read the rest of the interview on DOT NET.  The interview even touches on Tough Enough and its return which is a blatant example of WWE themselves breaking away from kayfabe.

To me, the issue is not the death of kayfabe because it just is not possible that you can go back to that in 2015.  Breaking the fourth wall during a show is an issue I will grant you, but trying to 'fabe it up in 2015 ain't going to cut it.  What you need is to make sure that you are booking compelling angles and have talent that have a presence and come across as legitimate.  Take SAW favorite, Mark Henry, for example as someone who comes across as real in a predetermined sport.  You don't look at that dude in his Hall of Pain persona as someone who is playing wrestling.  Brock Lesnar is another that is often mentioned as someone who makes it look real.  Ultimately, if I can emotionally invest in Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, why can't I emotionally invest in a wrestling show that I know isn't real? 

Point is kayfabe is dead and gone and isn't coming back.  That is not what is wrong withWWE and other promotions though.  The death of kayfabe is an excuse that those in the industry and fans use to blame a poor product on and not a legitimate issue with today's product.  It's a crutch and we need to realize that kayfabe cannot and will not return and that a compelling product can still exist in a post-kayfabe world.

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