Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spoilers: Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens from NXT Takeover: Rival

Photo Credit: Pro Wrestling Wiki
The talk of NXT has been Sami Zayn's NXT Championship defense against Kevin Owens.  The reasons are obvious with the real-life relationship between Zayn and Owens, the anticipation of seeing Zayn's first title defense, and the idea that Owens had finally made it to the big time and was going to be able to show the WWE/NXT Universe exactly what he was all about.  I say this as a guy who did not follow either guy in their life before signing with WWE.  I knew of both of them, I knew how solid their reputations were, but as I've said before I have little time to watch non-WWE wrestling.  It's unfortunate, but that's just how it is.  Even I understood how big this match was based simply on how well WWE told the story of these two. 

As for the match itself I would have to say it completely delivered.  What I would like to focus on, however, is that finish.

Just to move with an abundance of caution the spoiler discussion of the match will go after the jump here.  You've been warned.


That finish was unique and I really liked it.  They did a good job of selling Zayn's issues after that dive to the outside.  If you were paying attention you should have noticed that immediately after that dive Zayn started checking his head.  At the time I really wondered if he had legitimately hurt himself because it looked like he was checking for blood.  The announce team did a good job selling the fact that Zayn was out of sorts and having some sort of medical issue.  Once the medics started hovering more and more it seemed we were not going to get a clean finish in the match which was disappointing.  By the time the official called the match you could see the uneasiness from the crowd settling in. 

As a viewer at home I knew exactly how they felt.  It seemed like WWE may have killed the golden goose by giving us a non-finish main event on one of these NXT specials.  This was disappointing because these specials have always delivered so far.  The crowd was right on the edge of getting fully irate when the official handed the NXT Championship belt to Kevin Owens.  Just like that, all was right in the world.  Once we all realized that the belt was going to change hands it put the finish in a completely different context.  It setup a natural rematch for the two down the road.  The brutality Owens showed with the multiple powerbombs to his former friend solidified him as a ruthless killer in the ring. 

It really was a thing of beauty.