Monday, February 9, 2015

Roman Reigns' Merchandise is Awful

You know what else isn't helping Roman Reigns at all?  His merchandise.  I was going to get a Roman Reigns shirt after The Shield split, but they still have not made one halfway decent looking shirt.  Take a look at some of this.

The first one was pretty uninspired with the Double R Spider-Man logo and the One vs All slogan on it.

The next one sought to capitalize on his well-known Iron Man pose as I would call it and it's great for a youth shirt, but no adult is going to wear that. 

Personally, I would go with something more reminiscent of The Shield's stencil logo.  This isn't great, but I did it in a couple of minutes and to me it would look better on the front of a shirt than either of those options above.

Actually, this isn't even exactly what I had in mind, but in this short time I had to complete it and upload it I think it works well enough.

It isn't a major deal in one sense, but it does kind of speak to how poor a job they have done trying to get over a guy they apparently feel has face of the company potential. 

The guys at A1 did a good job kicking this subject around too if you go to the last couple pages of this thread