Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rey Mysterio Done with WWE

Rey Mysterio's contract expiring with WWE actually made TMZ.  They touch on the #FreeRey campaign and the video that appeared at AAA's Triplemania.  It's important to note that they also acknowledge that none of that has anything to do with Rey's departure.  His contract was up and he clearly wanted out.

Mysterio is the epitome of a guy who I respect, but don't necessarily care much about.  I guess I should since he was one of those WCW guys that went on to big time success in WWE, but I just never really cared for the guy for whatever reason.  I used to joke that I don't dislike Rey, I just have a moral objection to midget wrestling.  I kid of course.

His run was pretty amazing really and the crowds always reacted to the guy.  He was great in the underdog role that Daniel Bryan currently occupies.  Also, aside from me he appealed to all groups.  Men, women, and children all rallied behind Rey Mysterio.

Anyhow, while he will never show up on any of my favorites lists I'm happy for the guy.  Go do what you want Rey Rey.  South Atlanta Wrestling wishes you nothing but the best.