Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RAW Review: The Announcement

This was a very strange, kind of uneven episode of RAW.  The situation with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and the WrestleMania main event is not really much clearer, but I guess they did succeed in creating some buzz for Fast Lane.  I am going to hit the high points here which is how I prefer to do these things. 
  • The Announcement and Opening Segment--This was interesting, but not necessarily in a good way.  My main gripe is that this template is beyond tired where you have multiple individuals mosey down to the ring with mics and hand and everyone talks for 20 minutes or whatever.  Of note, Roman Reigns got a far better response from the Denver crowd than he did in Hartford, CT and especially Philly.  Daniel Bryan got a better one, mind you, but I'm not so sure that the entire WWE Universe dislikes Roman Reigns as much as those crowds last week.  Seth Rollins speaking into a dead mic was funny as was his live TV comment followed by his smarmy laugh.  Much like everyone else on the roster they make Seth talk too much, but I really like him.  As for the big announcement itself the whole thing was all over the place.  Roman Reigns either looked like a warrior or an idiot depending on who you want to believe for putting his WrestleMania WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot on the line.  The Authority's backstage promo was good heeling, but then again it hit to close to home.  I mean it makes sense they'd say that Roman's an idiot for agreeing to that stip, but fans were probably thinking, "Hey, they're right."  Like I mentioned in the opening of this post they did manage to make Fast Lane more interesting with the idea that Daniel Bryan could win the WrestleMania spot from Roman Reigns.  My concern is that Roman is kind of in a precarious position and if they are going forward with him that mixing him up with Bryan will be detrimental for him. 
  • Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins--Exactly what you would expect from these two which is a good thing.  The involvement of Roman Reigns was smart and I didn't get the sense that the crowd viewed it as them trying to shove him down their throats either and that's the danger there.  Daniel Bryan getting support from the crowd always makes for a great visual to close out RAW too.
  • John Cena Welcomes Back the Fired 3--Cena gets X-Pac heat from me so this didn't do much for me.  Their return wasn't really treated like a big deal except that they needed to be punished.  This whole thing happened so quickly that it's difficult to make anyone care about this.
  • Roman Reigns vs The Big Show...Again--This was the last thing Roman Reigns needed.  Much like it was time for the Daniel Bryan/Kane feud to end, it is time for us to never see a Roman Reigns/Big Show match again especially since they haven't had Roman just mow through him yet.  I wasn't as offended by Big Show's win as some were since it was so clearly tainted.  Having The Authority zero in on Roman is probably the best thing they can do to build him up as a face that the entire crowd can get behind. 
  • Justice for Curtis Axel--This was hilarious.  Ambrose tossing him over the top and "officially" eliminating him was great as was the visual of Curtis Freakin' Axel on the top rope pointing at the Mania sign.  I hope they can get some more mileage out of this.  Curtis Axel as a delusional heel (who actually has a legit gripe here though) could be entertaining.  Ambrose apparently chasing the IC Title also sounds promising.
  • Everything Else--Looks like we are one step closer to splitting the Dust Brothers which could make for a fun Mania match.  The Ascension still seems pointless.  Bray Wyatt gets a promo that once again seems directed at Undertaker and has a solid match with Dolph Ziggler.  Miz/Sin Cara doesn't matter at all, but the Mizdow stuff is absolute gold yet again.  Much like the Dust Brothers it seems we are one step closer to Mizdow's "Virgil moment."  Bellas were heeling it up on Paige, and we got our usual singles match between feuding tag teams with Cesaro vs an Uso.
The show was slow to start, but picked up a bit by the end.  Judging by what I am reading on Twitter and elsewhere it doesn't seem like anyone knows where they are going with Reigns and Bryan at Fast Lane or Mania.  Typically I would say that's a good thing, but it came off last night more like they legitimately have no idea what they are doing.  Hopefully, next week's RAW clarifies things a bit more.

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