Monday, February 9, 2015

Raw Preview: February 9, 2015

The Raw Five-Point Preview for February 9, 2015 is up on  Here is what The Official Site of the WWE Universe says we need to watch for on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw.
  1. How will The Authority stack the deck against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns?--Unfortunately, this sounds like more handicap match nonsense.  I also fear that Kane will be involved since he popped back up at Smackdown just one week after the Casket Match loss to Daniel Bryan.  I was hopeful based on the stipulation and the commentary that Kane's loss meant he would disappear for a while and return with the mask down the road.  The death of Corporate Kane if you will.  At the very least I wanted to see him and Daniel Bryan separated for good.  I got neither of those things sadly enough.  To me, this sounds like you're getting some sort of handicap match where Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan team with one another.  If you want to continue to get Roman Reigns over then having him on Daniel Bryan's side is as good a way as any I suppose.  Seth Rollins playing a chicken heel should be excellent as usual.  I am assuming that J&J Security and/or Kane are in for a long night if they do put them in there against Reigns and Bryan either separately or as a team.  As an aside I read reports last night that Roman Reigns was getting really solid reactions at house shows this weekend.
  2. Will Gold & Stardust go supernova?--In news that will disappoint my seven year old, "a cosmic storm is brewing" as it looks like we are getting the Rhodes Brothers feud a year later than expected.  With rumors that Goldust is throttling it down for a road agent gig it would seem that this could be a launching pad kind of moment for Stardust/Cody Rhodes.  I wonder if the Stardust deal was setup to give us a replacement for Goldust when he retires or whether it was just something to do to give this team a little something extra while they teamed.  Personally, I think Cody Rhodes has more potential wrestling as himself in the future and part of that is I am not so sure how Stardust will come off without Goldust to play off of.  Right now it seems like Cody is committed to the Stardust gimmick, but as the relationship frays between these two I wonder if that shows signs of breaking.  I'm really not sure how they intend to play this one.  It should be fun though especially if The American Dream pops up to try to ease the tensions between his boys.
  3. What lunacy awaits Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett?--Dean Ambrose has become a hero to all those who oppose #Axelmania by interrupting Curtis Axel's moments on Raw and Smackdown.  He's now gunning for Bad News Barrett's IC Title.  Why is he deserving of a shot at it?  Take a guess, I'll wait.  That's right he won a non-title match against BNB in January on Raw.  I recall that match only because I remember thinking, "Why put those guys in the ring together at all?"  Anyhow, Barrett's playing it up like Ambrose is too unhinged for his own good and for a shot at his title.  Hopefully, Curtis Axel will once again attempt to gain some traction for #Axelmania.  I hope this because that deal is funny and because it will give Ambrose something to do other than beating the IC Champion again in a non-title affair. 
  4. Will Paige get some payback against The Bella Twins?--Paige, The Diva of Tomorrow is what she's apparently known as, is looking to get some retribution on The Bellas directly after she punked their proxy Alicia Fox on Smackdown.  Of note, if Paige wins the Divas Title at Fastlane she will become a three-time Divas Champion.  It almost doesn't seem like she's been around long enough for that, but even I remember her winning the strap twice now.  Honestly, I should probably be more into this feud than I am. 
  5. Should John Cena fear Rusev?--It looks like what we are going with here is whether Rusev & Lana can prove that John Cena really is "the past."  Is Rusev as unstoppable as he appears and can John Cena give Rusev his "first true loss in WWE."  I could be wrong and I hope it doesn't work out like this, but I wonder if we are going to get a screwy finish at Fastlane and then a triumphant Cena at WrestleMania.  Also we will most likely get terrible promos at John Cena.  I mean terribly unfunny promos.
That's how WWE framed tonight's Raw. There is an unverified rumor out there that I saw on Twitter suggesting that Sting may turn up ahead of WWE Fastlane to confirm his participation in that show.  That kind of sounds like a teaser for a teaser trailer to me, but I could see WWE doing it regardless.  Business won't really pick up until after Fastlane, but this whole deal with Reigns/Bryan, Sting/Triple H, and then the Bray Wyatt/Undertaker issue looming has made this a most interesting period in WWE.  Brock Lesnar and his contract situation play a part in that as well.  Hopefully Raw delivers tonight.