Monday, February 23, 2015

Raw Preview: February 23, 2015

The Official Site of the WWE Universe has their Raw Five-Point Preview up. As has been the tradition here on SAW I am going to look at the five key points they are pushing as we head further down the Road to WrestleMania.  The five-points as listed in their feature are below with my thoughts listed beside them.
  1. Will Randy Orton get his hands on Seth Rollins?--One of the better decisions last night was for Seth Rollins to be able to escape during Randy Orton's triumphant return.  This right here is the reason that was such a good decision.  You got to see Orton exact a measure of revenge on Team Rollins/The Authority, but they left you wanting to see Rollins get his.  If they are smart then Orton won't be able to get his hands on Rollins until Mania.
  2. How will John Cena bounce back from his loss to Rusev?--Considering how strongly Rusev went over last night I expect that we get serious John Cena.  I hope so at least.  Now I'm sick and tired of John Cena regardless, but a John Cena that has been humbled to a degree and now needs redemption is more interesting than Dumb Joke John Cena.  Rusev and Lana should be gloriously obnoxious after their victory last night as well. 
  3. Is Roman Reigns ready to face Brock Lesnar?--The reaction that Roman Reigns gets tonight will be interesting.  I predict it will be...mixed.  What is more interesting to me is how they position him and Lesnar down the final stretch to Mania.  This will be our first opportunity to see tonight.  Hopefully Paul Heyman will be able to work his magic and talk fans into getting fired up for a matchup that many didn't want to see.  Hopefully the somewhat rebooted Roman Reigns can gain traction with the live crowds as well.
  4. How will Triple H’s WrestleMania showdown with Sting affect The Authority?--After Sting's impressive performance last night I'm not really sure where they should go with this.  I know this will sound nuts, but I would have been perfectly fine with Sting eating a Pedigree last night to set the stage for the big event.  I'm guessing that Trips will get the best of him at some point possibly the last Raw before Mania.  The bigger question here is do they have Triple H kind of step out of his suit and tie role with The Authority as he prepares for the big match?  I think that would be a smart move and an excellent way to get over how huge this match is.  It might also give them an opportunity to subtly change how The Authority is portrayed in general if they so desire. 
  5. Will The Undertaker respond to Bray Wyatt’s challenge?--It's getting pretty close to now or never time with this.  After last night I would expect to see The Undertaker show up tonight on Raw.  If he doesn't soon then I fear they won't be able to get much momentum up for this one before Mania.  Typically, I might say that signs that Taker is lurking would be enough, but I don't think that's the case.  I think we need to see Taker in the arena tonight if they want this thing to pop heading into WrestleMania.
Now I know throughout this Road to WrestleMania I've sounded like a broken record about how things should pick up.  Well, with only five weeks or so to go and Fastlane out of the way we really are in the home stretch.  If things don't pick up we could be in for a lackluster Mania.  I have confidence that things are going to escalate and escalate quickly tonight on Raw. 

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