Monday, February 16, 2015

Raw Preview: February 16, 2015

WWE has their Raw Five-Point Preview for the February 16th episode posted on  Here are the issues that they seem to be focusing on heading into tonight's episode of their flagship show. 
  1. How will The Authority deal with Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns … and Big Show?--In another layer to that Tag Team Turmoil main event from Smackdown, they are painting The Authority's plan as a failure.  Actually it failed in pretty much every way since Reigns and Bryan did not go after each other by the time the thing was over.  Not only that, but  Big Show had given Kane the KO Punch so it looks like they are pointing towards The Authority dealing with an unsuccessful plan to really turn Bryan and Reigns on one another.  I am guessing that means that we will see The Authority look strong tonight with Reigns and Bryan going at it.  How Big Show will be dealt with?  No idea, but I think moving him out of that team with Kane is a great idea.  I guess they will have Show and Kane feud.  I can't imagine anyone is clamoring for that, but if it keeps them away from Reigns and Bryan I am all for it.
  2. Will Dusty Rhodes be able to get his sons through “hard times”?--It's always good to see The American Dream on Raw although he'd probably call it "the mothership."  Anyway, this issue between the Rhodes boys has taken a turn I didn't see coming.  I figured Cody would break away and get a push as Cody Rhodes again.  Right now though it seems he's firmly committed to Stardust.  I seriously doubt we have a big happy moment for the Rhodes tonight.
  3. How will Dean Ambrose strike back against Bad News Barrett?--I really like both of these guys and Bad News Barrett ducking Dean Ambrose has been pretty entertaining.  That should come to an end tonight with Fastlane coming this Sunday.  How they get there should be fun. 
  4. Will Cena retaliate against Rusev?--The Super Athlete, Rusev has given Cena all he can handle.  While I am completely 100% bored with John Cena I find this pairing interesting in part because of Rusev's dominance to this point and the fact that this match is for the US Title.  I cannot imagine that John Cena will be holding that belt at this stage of the game so we'll probably get some sort of nonsense at Fastlane where Cena looks strong, but Rusev retains via count out or DQ.  On that topic I don't want to see Cena win, but I would personally have no issue putting the belt on him.  You saw that in WCW where a guy like Sting "dropped down" to be US or TV champion even after having the big prize.  I don't mind that kind of thing at all.
  5. What is Triple H’s mindset after Sting’s bizarre response?--Hopefully we get more mind games from Sting tonight.  I must admit I am having a hard time buying the idea that Triple H of all people is having trouble sleeping at night over Sting's mind games.  That said, I dig this kind of stuff they've done with Sting going back to the debut of Crow Sting.  I am really looking forward to their showdown at Fastlane and I hope tonight's Raw gives us a quality tease of that.
The most notable exclusion here is Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins.  I will be very curious to see what his role is in this show considering the situation with him from last week.  With this being the last Raw before Fastlane it seems like we could be in for a solid edition at least.  Hopefully that's the case at least.  The quality has been so inconsistent lately I don't really know what to expect.  My hope is that when I sit down to do the Raw Review tomorrow that I am discussing a pleasantly surprising episode of Raw.