Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Night RAW Tonight

After last week's SmackDown LIVE answered so very few questions I decided to take a look at the Raw Five-Point Preview: Feb. 2, 2015 on It is actually kind of a useful tool to see what may be in store for RAW each week. Taking a look at the Five-Point Preview will stick around here on South Atlanta Wrestling (SAW) at least through WrestleMania. Hopefully, things will be rolling along enough after Mania too that it will still seem like a worthwhile endeavor. We will see how that goes.

Here are their points for this week's show:
  1. What will Triple H announce?--They setup the narrative that the legitimacy of Reigns' Rumble win is in question.  They also float the idea that this announcement may involve consequences for The Rock which is smart business, but I don't anticipate seeing The Rock come back around for a while.  Hopefully I am wrong though.  They will most likely use his interference in the Royal Rumble to take aim at Roman Reigns.  The prevailing thought is that if The Authority sets their sights on Reigns that the crowd will get behind him.  At this moment I do not believe that will work unfortunately, but it is the smart move.  Props to for teasing "Justice for Curtis Axel" as well. 
  2. What's next for The "Yes!" Man?--It seems that the Casket Match was the merciful end to the Kane/Bryan feud.  WWE wants us to know that it's over as well as evidenced by this from the preview, "Even though Kane emerged from the macabre container after the TV cameras stopped rolling, it’s clear that Bryan is moving on to other things as The Road to WrestleMania continues."  It is interesting that they still mention Bryan's desire to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion because I really figured they'd try to distract the Universe from that and on to something else.  Mixing it up with Bray Wyatt again is given as a possibility, but I get the sense that Wyatt will have more pressing things to attend to and I think people may be done with that feud as well.  The other simmering situation is the Dolph Ziggler possibility.  I had this thought the other day and then someone I followed on Twitter mentioned it too, but Ziggler/Bryan feels kind of like when Boise State/TCU got jammed into one bowl game against one another when both were undefeated.  College football fans wanted to see them mix it up with other big boys and instead they had to face each other.  Not much of a consolation prize, but if Ziggler turns on Bryan then that could pick up some steam.  I fear that it's "Belt or Bust" for the Bryan contingent though and that nothing else will satisfy them.  I respect that of course, but I could see some real potential in a Ziggler/Bryan feud.
  3. Will Paige get back at The Bella Twins?--I like Paige and I like the Bellas, but I'm not going to pretend I care anything about this.  I do find it interesting that Paige is apparently called "The Diva of Tomorrow" because that's the first I've heard of that.  Maybe I just wasn't paying attention though.
  4. Is Rusev heading toward his first true loss in WWE?--Interesting that the focus here is on Cena eviscerating his foes verbally and also on the idea that Rusev has not suffered a real loss.  The other angle is that Cena may be taking Rusev too lightly.  If you're going to go with that narrative I would think a Rusev win at Fast Lane would be the way to go.  Based on that promo (which I did not like at all) I'd hazard a guess that Cena will get left laying tonight.  Then again there have been several times that this would make the most sense and John Cena ends up on top anyway.  This whole deal is fascinating because of everything that's in play.  Could Cena end up in the Mania main?  Will they give Rusev a win over someone like Cena?  Will Rusev's streak come to an end and how well might he be protected?  It's an interesting situation or at least as interesting as you can make John Cena in my eyes.
  5. What's Bray Wyatt telling us?--While I am a huge fan of Bray Wyatt I think it's about time we give him some focus.  Everyone seems to think comments about fearing "nothing, living or dead" as tip of the cap to the Undertaker.  I'm not sure how an Undertaker/Bray Wyatt feud or Mania match will look, but it is intriguing.  I mentioned it the other day somewhere, but the problem is that no scenario looks all that great.  Bray Wyatt losing at Mania?  Don't want that.  Undertaker losing two-in-a-row at Mania?  Don't want that either.  So, in my world you're staring down a feud that has no really pleasing outcomes, but if Wyatt has something specific to sink his teeth into I'm sure it will be entertaining.  I am all for Taker getting a victory/retirement lap too so maybe this will be fun regardless.
Tonight's RAW will definitely be interesting. Unfortunately, it isn't all for positive reasons though. The show is coming to us from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado so we will get to see what fans outside that New England area think of Roman Reigns and WWE for the first time since the Royal Rumble as well.