Saturday, February 14, 2015

Michael PS Hayes on Badstreet USA

Caught this post the other day on Michael PS Hayes' Facebook page and thought it was interesting.  For those who don't know, Jo Jo was Michael's dog who passed away recently and the namesake for his band Michael PS Hayes and the Jo Jo Hayes BandHere's the Tweet he references below as well.

Hey everyone.
Would like to expand what I said on Twitter about sharing credit for Badstreet USA.
While Jimmy Pappa and myself shared most of the credit, Larry Valez was very instrumental in that song as well as a number of other songs on the Off The Streets album.
Larry was something back then, sweetheart of a guy, except when he had tequila! LOL
With Valentines Day coming up, I'm sure to be missing Jo Jo more than usual.
Self admittedly, a little jealous she will celebrate it in a much better place, but, I'll hold down the Fort for the time being.
I've run into a few of the people who played on Freebird Road, Matt who played bass, and Melanie, who played bass on the Free as a Bird CD.
Always great to see them as doing my day job doesn't allow me much time for music.
Speaking of which, I started taking piano lessons last Saturday, kind of pumped about that.
Well, gotta run, take care, be cool.

Thx, PS
It's also kind of cool that Hayes is now learning to play the piano.  It is also good to see him make sure that individuals who deserve credit get their credit.  That is too often an unusual situation in this day and age.

Even though you can see that "Badstreet USA" is definitely a 1980's deal I still think it is absolutely one of the best wrestling theme songs ever.

Just in case you have forgotten about the greatness of "Badstreet USA" here it is for your listening pleasure.  Check it out.