Friday, February 6, 2015

Hardline Collection Agency: "Dirty" Dick Slater and Dick Murdoch

This WCMB thread reminded me of the WCW run of Dick Murdoch and "Dirty" Dick Slater as the Hardliners or Hardline Collection Agency. They were an excellent rough and tumble team and as you probably realize I am a big fan of that style and look.  I shared the following in that thread:
Dad is a huge "Dirty" Dick Slater fan and always speaks highly of him. I didn't see much of him at the time other than Hardliners/Hardline Collection Agency with Dick Murdoch, but I definitely liked that although that wasn't his peak by any stretch.
That bit about Dad being a huge fan is absolutely true.  If I get him to talking about wrestling it will not take long for him to talk about how much he liked Slater especially when he'd tangle with Dusty Rhodes.

Anyhow, here's the Hardliners doing what they do.  It may sound crazy, but much like that recent Doom clip I kind of miss the squash match era.  This is an excellent example of one reason right here.  The death of the squash match was something that initially made the Monday Night Wars exciting and different, but ultimately has been a negative IMHO.  It's in part the reason you don't feel like there are any PPV-worthy matches and why you get this neverending cycle of midcarders facing off on TV for weeks on end and then having a PPV match you no longer care about.

If you allow your commentators to build anticipation for a future match involving one of the teams they are calling at that time instead of them ignoring the match and talking about the main event angles it helps tremendously as well.

Like I said, it kind of surprises me that I miss squash matches.  I have to say I do though.  Here's a good one.

Enjoy it!

WCW MAIN EVENT SEPTEMBER 1, 1991 by nitroe