Thursday, February 19, 2015

FFA: Norm Macdonald Discusses SNL 40 and Celebrity Jeopardy

I don't entirely recall who it was on Twitter that brought Norm Macdonald's discussion of SNL 40 and the Celebrity Jeopardy skit.  I'm glad they did though because it was a fascinating read.  At that moment I thought it might be something I would like to share here on SAW.  Before I even got the post up though Deadspin had curated the whole discussion from Norm's Twitter feed (@normmacdonald)

There were several interesting tidbits covered here such as the inspiration behind the Celebrity Jeopardy skits, the premise behind Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds' characters, what made the skit work, the week leading up to SNL 40, the fact that Eddie Murphy apparently turned down an opportunity to play Bill Cosby, and the thing that chilled the relationship between Murphy and SNL.

My favorite couple of Tweets were as follows:

Obviously, I had never thought of one of my all-time favorite skits on Saturday Night Live in that manner. It was fascinating to realize that was the underlying premise of what seemed like simple buffoonery. It's compelling and it's interesting to hear a guy like Norm Macdonald break down a piece of comedy in that manner.

As of last night Norm's Tweet storm continued and he talked more about the SNL afterparty, etc.  It is all a very fascinating read and I highly recommend it especially if you're a fan of Norm's like I am.

I can't believe I forgot this.  Here's the SNL 40 Celebrity Jeopardy skit.  Pretty funny if you ask me.


Upload Credit: Saturday Night Live