Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spoiler Free Look at Anarchy Wrestling Taping

Norko and I (part of the group FKA The South Atlanta Boys) made our first trip since NWA WildSide's final show up to Cornelia, Georgia for last night's Anarchy Wrestling TV taping.  Back in the AJ Styles, Adam Jacobs, Onyx, Jason Cross, David Young, Rick Michaels, Lance Dreamer, White Trash, Crazy Train, etc. days of NWA WildSide we were regulars.  Norko continued to go to Anarchy shows up until 2006 or so after WildSide folded, but I never made it back up there with him.

Having said all that last night was a good opportunity to revisit that place and see what was going on with Anarchy with the new ownership situation.  This is a no-spoiler look at the taping, but I will go ahead and say that the match of the night for me was the opener between Slim J and Fred Yehi.  I will be interested to see what others think of the match though.

The inside of the arena looked pretty sharp.  The red and black was a good look and the new WRESTLEVISION monitor looked far better than what was there before.  Now I personally don't think the monitor is necessary, but it was an improvement over the previous setup from over 10 years ago.  The ring announcer was excellent as well.  I never caught his name, but I believe it is Jonathan Feltner.

Inside The Church of Southern Wrestling

 Jeff G. Bailey, as usual, was 100% on point and made his somewhat small role on the show matter more than it probably would have.  Bailey is a guy who is always right there in the moment.  He's completely believable and you never get the sense that he's "playing wrestling."  I was also really impressed with Miss Rachael who I had only heard of before last night.  Much like Bailey you don't get any play wrestling vibe off of her.  As a matter of fact I paid close attention to her during a match and she had the perfect facial expressions, etc. throughout.  She was great.  One thing that bothered me though was the crowd's reaction to her.  She got a ton of heat (which is good), but as you could imagine it was vulgar.  The thing that kind of pushed me over the edge was when I turned around and saw a 10 year old boy screaming "SLUT!" at her.  Now I'm not going to tell anyone how to parent, but that right there is flat unacceptable IMHO.  I'll have more on the crowd when the show airs because there was another aspect of the crowd that I didn't really appreciate.  Until the show airs though I don't want to spoil that particular angle.

It was a solid show and an even better bit of nostalgia for Norko and myself.  Stopping at Barbecue Kitchen (College Park) on the way up and then The Varsity (Atlanta) on the way back home were also good decisions.  My lifestyle is such that I'll never be in the "let's hit every TV taping" mode again, but I will go see a show a lot sooner than 10 years from now.  That much is certain.

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