Thursday, January 29, 2015

SmackDown LIVE Tonight

I cannot remember the last time I was this interested in a particular episode of one of WWE's weekly shows.  The one after Survivor Series 2014 with Sting's debut the day before was probably the most recent one and the RAWs that sandwich each WrestleMania also come to mind.  The Road to WrestleMania is one of my favorite parts of the year, but the controversial Royal Rumble and cancellation of the RAW arena show this Monday has made this a truly fascinating episode of SmackDown LIVE.

The Five Point Preview on is something I rarely pay any attention to, but again this is a special circumstance.
  1. Who will step up when SmackDown goes Live?--The synopsis kind of captures why this episode of SmackDown is interesting to me.  "This Sunday, the Royal Rumble signaled The Road to WrestleMania. Now, thanks to the snow storm earlier this week, SmackDown will be the first show in front of the WWE Universe since the epic pay-per-view. If that weren’t exciting enough, the “Hottest Show on Thursday Night” is going to be LIVE!"
  2. Will the Casket be the death of Bryan’s WrestleMania dreams?--Hopefully this Casket Match is the final death of this never-ending Daniel Bryan/Kane feud.  Are we going to get some sort of huge moment tonight that will give us a clue as to what Daniel Bryan will do for WrestleMania?  I hope so.
  3. How will the ‘Reigning’ No. 1 Contender embrace the storm?--This, of course, is the most interesting aspect of this show.  Will the crowd be as hostile?  Will Roman Reigns be able to step his game up?  How will WWE handle Roman?  Have they figured out what it is that caused the Rumble backlash?  Not only is this the most interesting aspect of this show this is personally the most interesting thing in "THIS BUSINESS" right now.
  4. Keep one eye open, Seth Rollins is ready for war.--They force Seth Rollins to talk entirely too much, but I'm still a huge fan of the guy.  I want to see more things like him flipping Brock's chair over like a petulant child on RAW the other night. 
  5. You can’t see Rusev!--The much anticipated Rusev/Cena feud has been ignited.  If you're a fan of Rusev you kind of have to be worried about the idea that he'll get Bray Wyatt-ed in this process.  How they handle this will be our first look into whether the Cena is going to be treated differently going forward or not.  Of note, Cena is not promised to appear at all tonight.  That makes this even more interesting to me.
Unusual circumstances have made for an unusually interesting episode of SmackDown LIVE on Syfy tonight.  Here's to hoping that we don't walk away from tonight's episode realizing that they are still saving everything for next Monday night's RAW.