Monday, January 5, 2015

Ron Simmons and Butch Reed as Doom

If you follow me on Twitter you may have caught discussion about this over the weekend.  The match below was shared on WCMB the other day and it got me thinking about this somewhat forgotten and overlooked tag team.

The main thing that strikes me about them is that wrestling needs more guys who look like they've shown up with ill-intentions and simply want to hurt people.  We have a few of those types now such as Mark Henry, but the beauty of this team is they are rough, tough, and intimidating.  To some degree that is missing in today's wrestling.

As for Doom themselves I really liked this tag team back in the day.  From the first time I saw Ron Simmons I was impressed with him.  Butch Reed was a guy I had seen in WWE as well and they both were physically imposing.  Being a young fan I remember thinking, "I wouldn't want to tangle with them."  This helped build anticipation for when they would get in the ring with other teams such as the Steiners.  Everything about them screams "tough guys" and like I said that is sorely missing in today's wrestling.

I have often said that the Faces of Fear are a kind of overlooked tag team from the Monday Night War Era, but I think Doom is the best example of this from the era just before that. 

What's kind of funny about this is that I started an entry on Doom a couple of months ago, but never finished it.  It ended up being scrapped completely, but the WCMB thread and discussion on Twitter inspired me to take another run at it.  I'll probably save this for a future installment of Booking SAW, but seeing a team like this working against enhancement guys serves an interesting purpose.  It's too late to unring the bell, but modern-day WWE could probably benefit from a storytelling aspect from having matches like these again. 

Upload Credit: Alan K