Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FFA: Let's Talk Marshawn Lynch

Notice that I didn't say, "Let's talk, Marshawn Lynch."  This deal with Lynch and the media is interesting in large part because of how people respond to it.  If you spend any time on Twitter*  for example you've got two camps which I will call Team Lynch and Team Media for the sake of this discussion.

Team Media makes it sound as if Lynch's refusal to talk to the media is some sort of crime against humanity.  The situation at Super Bowl Media Day really intensified the griping although he did speak as this Deadspin article mentions.  They do themselves no favor with their over-the-top reaction to this of course. 

Team Lynch makes it seem as if Marshawn should be held up as some sort of hero for "sticking it to the media" and that it is ridiculous that the NFL fines him for this.  It's his job to play football and it's asinine that the NFL fines players for refusing to talk to the media or that these fines can escalate. 

Me?  Both sides are right and wrong.  Like many issues I can see both sides.  My take on the issue is as follows.  Doing media is something that is part of the CBA so saying it's not his job to talk to the media is not accurate.  It's not Marshawn Lynch's primary job, but it is part of his job.  In that regard I am not a guy who complains about the money in professional sports.  I will never begrudge these guys their right to make millions of dollars.  I won't rail on how insane it is that they get paid these millions of dollars for "playing a kids' game."  All that said I have zero issue with a guy who gets paid millions of dollars for playing football being fined for not participating in media activities. 

As I was pondering this last night I saw a Tweet from Art Thiel which I cannot find, but I found the article itself.  If you want a way out of this type of mess then I think his solution is pretty clever. 
Amend the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the union to create a new category: Designated mute.
I could get behind that.  Like most compromises it will just mean that nobody's happy, but I think it makes a lot of sense.  I have to give a media member props for coming up with something outside the box like this too.

Like most things this is a bunch of silliness from both directions.  My biggest issue like it is with most things is that the rhetoric on both sides is so ridiculous and overblown.  Reasonable people should be able to disagree, but that's not the way things work is it?

*My personal, non-wrestling Twitter account is @mckinneydg.  I talk a lot of sports, football mainly, and then any other personal things there.