Thursday, December 18, 2014

WWE 2K15 DLC Review: WCW and Hulk Hogan Packs

I downloaded the WCW Pack as well as the Hulk Hogan Pack last night for WWE 2K15 on the PS3.  WCW Pack included the five wrestlers I mentioned yesterday at a cost of $7.99.  The Hulk Hogan Pack was the one I wasn't sure about yesterday, but it was made available for the PS3 and included modern-day Hulk Hogan and Hollywood Hogan for $2.99.

Both packs are welcome additions to the game.

WCW Pack

Lex Luger was the one I was most anticipating from this pack.  They used his most familiar WCW theme from the Nitro Era.  The only slight miss for me was they went with early-Nitro Era Luger with the mullet as opposed to ponytail Luger.  Minor complaint though as I have to say they delivered on The Total Package.

Bam Bam Bigelow was another really nice addition.  Of course, they have the iconic Bam Bam look.  The diving headbutt from the top is in as a finisher as well as his moonsault.  His running attack is a really nice looking clothesline.

DDP is a nice addition in theory, but they mess his head up pretty badly.  DDP actually did have big hair of course before he went with the shorter look, but this looks comical kind of like some of the Sheamus ones over the years.  He just doesn't look right.

Fit Finlay looks a lot more like his Belfast Brawler incarnation which is kind of odd to see again after all these years.  He still likes to fight though so I've got no problem with his inclusion either.

Lord Steven Regal is an interesting choice.  They went with the short-haired, singlet wearing version of Regal and even threw it all the way back to his pre-William Regal days which is fitting since it's a WCW pack of course.

All-in-all, I figure it was worth my money just to get Luger and Bigelow.

Hulk Hogan Pack

Pretty simple here.  You get modern-day Hogan and Hollywood Hogan for $2.99.  Both are welcome additions to the game for a lot of reasons.  One main one is being able to have a Starrcade '97 Sting/Hollywood Hogan match.

Like I said, both packs were a welcome addition to the game and I'm looking forward to the ones that are still to come.