Saturday, December 13, 2014

WCMB: Terry Funk Wins NWA World Heavyweight Title 12-10-1975

This thread popped up on WCMB on the 39th anniversary of Terry Funk's NWA Title win. It was prefaced with the following credit:
Courtesy of CWF Archives FB Page/Barry Rose & Manof1000holds
 There's a lot of interesting things there such as the following.
  • Video of the match.
  • Photo of Terry Funk with the NWA Title being interviewed by Gordon Solie.
  • The full results from the card.
What is most interesting to me however is the discussion as it relates to the booking of the match.  I'm not going to C&P the full discussion, but the gist of it is it centers around the fact that Terry was a sub for Dory, Jr. that night and whether that decision makes sense or not.  Reading between the lines I think the questions are:
  • Does it devalue the title?
  • Does it devalue the champion?
  • Does it devalue the former champion?
It's fascinating to me because I believe there are a lot of misconceptions that modern smarks hold to as it relates to how the NWA operated or what effective booking looks like as it relates to the title or champions.  I think we often overlook the benefit of sparingly using certain methods to swap a title or crown a new champion.  Often there are added benefits to doing these things in a certain way and we should stop and think about those before rushing to judgment on certain angles. 

There is no one right way to book a title feud or a champion.