Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hansen/Brody vs The Road Warriors

Stan "The Lariat" Hansen/Bruiser Brody vs The Road Warriors must have been an absolute dream match up back in the '80s.  Honestly, it probably still is now.  It certainly wouldn't be a technical classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it would have been entertaining and it would've been a ton of fun to watch I'd think.

Apparently, unless my information is wrong, it never happened.  Why?  According to this thread on WCMB which inspired this post, the best setting for the match would have been in the AWA when all four men were there, but Brody specifically wasn't for it because it would damage someone's aura.  The thread goes on to note that Brody did in fact tangle with the Roadies twice in Oregon and Washington.  His partner for both was Rip Oliver.  If they did any sort of decisive finish I'm going to have to assume that Oliver took the loss for his team.*

Why does this interest me?  Well, I've been on admitted Brody kick lately and of course "The Lariat" is a perennial SAW favorite.  The Roadies are arguably my favorite tag team too although the Fabulous Freebirds probably edge them out.  It's also an interesting look at the mindset of a guy like Brody as well. 

*It turns out that I was wrong in my assumption.  This thread on Kayfabe Memories gives the result for both matches as disqualification wins for the Road Warriors.  It's also noted that the Portland, OR match only went about 4 minutes. 

What other dream match ups did we miss out on?  I don't know, but that would be an interesting topic of discussion.  I'd love some feedback on it.