Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I'm Thankful For (Pro Wrestling Edition)

As we head into another Thanksgiving season, I'd like to take this moment to talk what I'm thankful for in our lovely sport known as professional wrestling. The first is Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. The California independent promotion continues to showcase the best and finest independent talent today. Though with a lot of the talent getting signed to the bigger promotions, it's becoming harder and harder to produce the dream matches that fans are clamoring for. They make up for it, by bringing in the next generation of indy talent. Where else would you find out Ronda Rousey in your crowd and utilize her in a way even she didn't expect to.

Plus, I'm thankful that after they run a show, they put out some of the best highlight videos to get you to purchase a show, and they've definitely earned my business.

On a more closer to home aspect, I'm thankful for NWA Smoky Mountain. The NWA affiliate in East Tennessee has been making strides since the moment I've discovered them to providing that mix that NWA Wildside used to provide when they were in business, good local talent with a few guys who are on the cusp of being discovered along with the occasional outside talent when needed to continue a storyline. Prime example is this particular episode which features a guy you need to know in Chase Owens taking on great talent like Trevor Lee, Adam Page, and Cedric Alexander.

Then there's the WWE, yup, I'm still thankful the big boy is still around, provides me lots of fodder for my podcast (which you should listen to at And when they're on, and business is good, the trickle down effect to the smaller promotions is also seen. If something the WWE has been consistent in doing is hyping up their matches, for example:

On behalf of my South Atlanta Wrestling writer, I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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