Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kamala The Ugandan Giant: Double Amputee

Bleacher Report did an excellent story on Kamala The Ugandan Giant.  We discussed it here a while back when he lost his first leg to an amputation.  Since then he has lost the other leg as well.

Even in an industry where we are used to tragic developments, this one is hard to read.  It doesn't help that everyone I've heard speak of him has said he was one of the nice guys in the business.

Here's the article:

Kamala was always one of my favorite colorful characters in the business. It's a shame that these types of gimmicks started disappearing to some degree. 

The most powerful part of the article comes at the very end.
No matter what happens, Harris says he won't complain.

He's no longer interested in dwelling on things that went wrong in the past—or in letting his current situation spoil what may lie in the future. Losing his limbs may have taken away his ability to walk, but it didn't rob him of who he is.

It didn't take away his spirit.

"Don't feel sorry for me," Harris says. "If you want to, encourage me. Embrace me. I'm going to be all right—just like I've always been."

Harris smiles and winks.

"I'm still Kamala," he says.
That's an impressive perspective to have.  I'm sure that attitude will help Kamala take on anything life throws at him.