Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vincent: Head of nWo Security

Saw a list the other of 10 Times WCW Went Way Too Far.  One of them left me a bit puzzled.  The entry was about WWE's Virgil joining the nWo as Vincent.  Now in fairness to this article I understood the underlying point.  Their point was that the addition of Vincent wasn't the issue itself so much as it pointed to the later issues they would have when the group got far too big.  That point itself I can certainly appreciate.  The article did get me to thinking about Vincent as a member of the nWo, how it worked out and how it could have worked out better.

Vincent originally debuted as the Head of nWo Security IIRC.  It made sense at the time with the former "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase having been revealed as the nWo Benefactor.  The premise of Vincent (a shot at Vince McMahon naturally) joining up wasn't that bad.  To me, it was an interesting way to bring him in.  The problem as usual was WCW's execution of it. 

Here's how I would have handled him.  I think you primarily needed to use him as Ted's bodyguard.  A familiar role of course, but in general Vincent needed to be that strong silent type that made him such a memorable part of Ted's "Million Dollar Man" gimmick in WWE.  He needed to be a second more than a wrestler and he needed to talk rarely if at all.  He would basically be a plot device that could explain some of the logistics of how the nWo was able to accomplish things and stay protected when they were outnumbered by the rest of the WCW roster in many cases.  His nWo hoodie and black pants were fine, but I think a Corporate Security Big Boss Man or The Shield attire might have been a nice touch.  Give him a nightstick, billy club, cattle prod (Hey! It ended Goldberg's streak!), baseball bat or whatever and just have him look menacing and kind of hanging around on the periphery. 

What we got instead was Vincent doing the "Too Sweet" hand motions and goofiness in the camera.  It just didn't suit him.  He also became just a guy who was tossed in tag matches or whatever.  There was nothing in particular about the role and he did just seem to be another example of nWo bloating.  Ultimately, it was a failure or at the very least a non-factor.  That's a shame because Vincent could have actually been a little sizzle to the nWo's steak as it were.

Having said all this I do feel the need to share my conversation with Vincent at the NWA Legends Fanfest in ATL a few years ago.

Me:  *Standing near his table not paying him any mind*

Vincent:  Hey, you want a picture?  Ted's here too, he'll autograph it too.  Twenty-five dollars (or whatever the price was).

Me:  I appreciate it, but I really don't have any cash for this thing.  When I was younger I had money, but now...

Vincent:  Your probably threw it all away chasing *insert a five letter feline word that some might describe a woman's anatomy with*.

Me:  *Smiles* Wanders off...

It was surreal.  IIRC, he was eating cheese puffs throughout the discussion although he may have gotten that bag later.  I don't completely recall. 

While looking for the link at the beginning of this post I found another one where he's ranked #1 on a list of the 7 Worst Members of the nWo.  That's also worth a look and I would still disagree.  For one, Stevie Ray deserves a spot on that list.