Monday, September 8, 2014

Young Bucks' 450 Spike Tombstone Piledriver AKA The Meltzer Driver‏

Sunday after church I received an email from Norko about the Young Bucks's 450 Spike Tombstone Piledriver.  He was asking about my thoughts on the move and sent the following link.

This YouTube link is the ad for PWG's 2014 Battle of Los Angeles - Night Two.  It's queued up to the move in question.

The whole thing is embedded below if you're interested in seeing the rest of the ad. 

My thoughts?  It was executed fairly well and all.  It's an impressive athletic move, but it's just flat out too spot monkey-ish for my tastes.  Typically, IMHO, less is more.  I'll take a simple, but brutal looking maneuver over this flippy stuff any day. They get points for creativity though.

Speaking of flippy stuff there's a ton of it in this teaser.  A lot of it lands in the same category.  Visually impressive, athletically impressive, delivered well, but falls flat because it's too convoluted or the card is jammed with this type of stuff.  You grow kind of numb to it after a while.

Upload Credit: The Official YouTube Channel of PWG