Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Night of Champions 2014: Just Another RAW

The 2014 WWE Night of Champions was a weird card.  The oddest part was how it started so strong and was leaking oil down the stretch.  Let's take a quick look at this show.  I will have one "I told you so!" but it won't be a controversial one by any stretch.

Away we go...
  • The Usos (C) vs Gold & Stardust for the WWE World Tag Team Titles--I'll say it again, but The Usos might be one of WWE's greatest reclamation project.  They went from complete irrelevance after an interesting debut and then somehow won over the crowds and had a really solid title reign.  The Rhodes boys were immediately more interesting after their recent heel turn and I like them capturing the titles here.  Would I have preferred it be Rowan and Harper?  Yeah, probably but I've got no quarrel with this decision and the match delivered too.
  • Sheamus (C) vs Cesaro for the US Championship--Excellent match as you'd expect from any Cesaro match.  I totally get why people are a) disappointed with yet another Cesaro loss and b) why people are so tired of Sheamus, but this match worked.  I won't complain too much about a Sheamus win here especially if we get Rusev finally capturing the US gold which really needs to happen.
  • Dolph Ziggler (C) w/ R-Ziggler vs The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow for the IC Championship--Another fun match here.  Again, not unexpected either.  The major complaint is that it seems like both guys are stuck in a treadmill feud where no one ever gets anywhere.  I get that, but like someone I follow in Twitter said "Ziggler brings out the best in Miz."  The antics of Sandow and Truth were nice sizzle to the steak.  The big miss was Florida Georgia Line's involvement, but what are you going to do?  Oh, Miz wins the strap and Sandow mimicking his celebration amused me more than it should have.
  • "Mr. Money in the Bank" Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns--Unless you're a fan that has lived under a rock you know that Reigns wasn't there due to a very scary emergency surgery on a hernia.  It was all over everything so by the time I had a chance I didn't even bother putting a post up about it.  (Get well soon, Roman!)  Anyhow, Rollins accepts his victory via forfeit and then his pride gets the best of him as he lays down an open challenge to anyone in the back.  The footage of a cab arriving is hilarious simply because you know what's happening next and that's DEAN AMBROSE arriving to attack Rollins.  The Authority and security intervenes and the match never takes place, but Ambrose is back and that's excellent news.

    Someone on one of my boards said that WWE dropped the ball by  not updating us on Ambrose's status.  I could not disagree more.  The last update we got was he had refused treatment and escaped.  That's EXACTLY what Dean Ambrose would and should do.  It's awesome and it adds to his mystique.
  • Mark Henry vs Rusev--Build for the match was great especially with Big Show's motivational speech to Henry earlier.  The crowd was into it and Mark Henry broke out the emotion while Lilian sang the national anthem.  It was awesome all the way around, but the match didn't deliver.  I advocated giving Henry the win so as to build Rusev as something other than just an undefeated streak.  Rusev went over which is fine.  I have no real issue with it, but the stage was set for a great moment if Henry had gone over.
  • Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho--Honestly, this is where my interest really started to wane.  I dig Orton, Jericho is whatever.  I just hadn't emotionally invested in this feud at all.  It was late and honestly I just didn't care.  From what I recall it was a pretty good match, but it didn't matter to me.
  • Paige (C) vs AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship--Mentally, I was waiting for the main.  I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it.  I heard some morons chanting "CM PUNK" at AJ which irritates me and that's all I remember aside from AJ winning the belt.  Good for her I suppose.
  • Brock Lesnar (C) w/ Paul Heyman vs John Cena--Here's the deal.  I never thought they should have booked this match so soon in the first place (That's the "I told you so!") because there's not satisfying or logical way to do it.  The match was obviously more competitive than the SummerSlam one.  Cena seemed to building some momentum when this show turned into your run-of-the-mill RAW.  Yeah, Seth Rollins blasted Cena with the briefcase on his pin attempt.  The reason they did it was obvious.  Cena can claim he had Lesnar beat, Lesnar can say he was about to kick out.  From a storyline-sense, it's more troublesome because you'd figure Rollins would let it play out and have both guys tire themselves out more.  It got worse when Rollins attempted to cash-in before John Cena no-sold the briefcase shot.  The cash-in attempt never started so Rollins is still Mr. Money in the Bank.  As another person in my Twitter feed (@a1wpodcast?) said, "That main even accomplished nothing.  Yeah, I'd agree with that.
 It wasn't a terrible show by any stretch, but a bad main event really takes the wind out of a show.  They started out hot and then it just kind of fell apart down the stretch.  Here's hoping they move Cena and Lesnar away from each other for some time before we get another round of that.  They never should have booked Cena/Lesnar here and that's what hurt this show the most IMHO.