Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jake "The Snake" Roberts' Cancer Has Resurfaced

The Washington Post's Marissa Payne is reporting that Jake "The Snake" Roberts is set for another cancer battle.  Bleacher Report has the information from TMZ Sports that originally credits Ms. Payne. 

How is that for a game of telephone?

Here's what Jake has to say about it and that man has the right attitude in my humble opinion.
"I've gotta have more stuff taken out of my chest, it's cancer," Roberts said. "I'm not afraid, man. I'm very comfortable with my faith. Faith not only in God above, but faith in the people that I have around me."
I think attitude is a very important aspect of dealing with adversity.  By the sounds of it Jake has a great one as he deals with this newest challenge.

South Atlanta Wrestling of course wishes The Snake nothing but the best.  He is after all an official SAW favorite and one of my three favorite wrestlers ever.