Saturday, August 23, 2014

WWE Network: Monday Night War

Photo Credit: Logopedia
Monday Night War debuted on WWE Network last night and it was a lot of fun.  Now the time slot of 10:00 PM on Friday nights is less than ideal, but the beauty of the WWE Network is that you can do as I did and watch it the next morning.  Well, you don't have to watch it the next morning, but you can watch whenever you want.  If you know anything about the Network you already know that, but it is worth mentioning.  Also 10:00 PM on Friday isn't great, but it does allow it to follow Smackdown at this time for now at least. 

Enough about time slots, time-shifted viewings, etc.  The show itself is excellent regardless of the likelihood of revisionist history.  For hardcore fans I'm sure there will be little in the way of new information provided either, but again it's a fun trip down memory lane.  It allows you that feeling of nostalgia.  Watching the opening credits even was awesome in that regard.  Hearing the old Nitro theme ever so briefly and seeing Sting, Goldberg and others was a treat.  As far as the talking head segments it's nice that guys like Bret Hart are back in the fold so you can hear their experiences.  Even seeing a guy like Tony Schiavone is a welcome experience even though we hear him covering the Georgia Bulldogs for AM 750 WSB here in the ATL.

Monday Night War is one of the features I was most looking forward to on WWE Network and I'm glad it's finally here.  Last night just scratched the surface, but I look forward to more looks at the epic battle for wrestling or sports entertainment supremacy in the 90s.