Wednesday, August 6, 2014

UFC 178 Media Day Melee

Much like with soccer and probably baseball and basketball for that matter, I am a casual MMA fan.  I like to sit and watch the cards when I can.  I like Anderson Silva and Rampage Jackson.  I don't know enough about the sport to even attempt to analyze it.  I just sit back and enjoy it. 

The latest thing that caught my eye was this debacle at the media day for UFC 178 which is headlined by Jon "Bones" Jones (champion) and Daniel Cormier for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. 

MMA Fighting has the footage and it's a pretty impressive spectacle.  

As you would expect with wrestling fans there was a ton of discussion about whether it was a work or not.  I'm never going to assume that something like this is not a work simply because it's a good way to get the public's eyes on your product and create a more "must see" event. 

OTOH, I completely see the side that says, "They'd be foolish to engage in something like that with the possibility of injury."

Ultimately, I don't care if it was a work or not.  I do know it did it's job because I want to see that PPV just a little more now due to it. 

Now there's one angle that I disagree with.  It's the stodgy idea that things like this put a "black eye" on the sport.  I will say that you may not want this nonsense all the time, but then again it's a violent sport and I don't see this tarnishing UFC's image at all. 

Like I said, work or not it was effective.  If I had the cash I'd plunk it down on UFC 178 and this brawl is one reason why.