Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Alabama Crimson Tide Rolls Again

The Crimson Tide starts their new campaign today against the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Georgia Dome.  I won't be there, but I'll be at the house hanging on every moment.  Since it's gameday, here is my favorite Alabama hype video of all-time.

Why is a guy who runs South Atlanta Wrestling an Alabama fan?  Well, I could be one of those folks who didn't realize Alabama existed before Nick Saban's 2008 season, but that's not the case.  The deal is I was born in Atlanta and grew up just south of Atlanta in Fayette County.  My mom was from west Alabama as was her mom and her family.  Mom carried that fandom all the way up to the Northeast as a child and back down to Atlanta, GA when she moved there as an adult.

It's really that simple, I'm a BAMA fan because my mom was one and dad had no real rooting interest in football.  I was speaking to Gramma about this one time and she pointed out this right here, "What else did people have to be proud of back then in west Alabama other than the Crimson Tide?"

So, that's why I'm a BAMA fan.  I was a fan when they stunk and will be a fan long after this epic run is over.

Roll Tide!

Upload Credit: houndstooth51