Saturday, August 30, 2014

Revisiting Cena's Push Towards Night of Champions

As stated in my previous post on the subject, I had not watched Cena vs Bray Wyatt on RAW yet when I offered some opinions on it.  Fortunately, with Alabama's 3:30 PM kickoff I was able to watch the end of RAW finally.

My thoughts now?  Not much, if anything, has changed.  I appreciate the effort of showing that John Cena has developed a new more aggressive edge, but as I stated before it's way too soon for that.  Having Wyatt and his Family the victims of this is even more aggravating.  You know, it's like you finally feel they may be rebuilding Bray Wyatt correctly only to sacrifice him to Super-Duper Cena as someone on one of my boards said.

To me, the far more interesting story was in a John Cena that was a bit unsure of his ability.  A John Cena that was facing some real adversity.  Did WWE go that direction?  Nope, it was more like "He's back and better than ever!" all in the span of two weeks.  It's dumb and the way WWE uses John Cena is beyond tired. 

All that being said, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the NoC rematch.  At this point I am not terribly excited about seeing it especially since I have this creeping suspicion that John Cena may leave with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.  We can't do anything about Cena dominating Bray and the Wyatt Family now, but winning the gold is truly the worst scenario.  I hope WWE isn't foolish enough to fall into that trap.  

I fear they will though.