Thursday, August 28, 2014

Magnum TV vs Nikita Koloff: Best of 7 Series

The folks on WCMB have an excellent discussion going about Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff's Best of 7 series in JCP.

That thread right there is a perfect example of what is so great about that board.  So long as you are not a knucklehead that is a great place to discuss wrestling.  This is especially true if you want to kind of round out your knowledge of the history of the industry.  It's amazing how much information I've picked up over there during the time I've posted there (mckinneydg). 

As of right now there's three or four clips over there.  One is the deciding match, another is a house show match and then a bit of a bonus 2 out of 3 falls match that came after the series concluded.

Of course this also reminds me of the Booker T/Chris Benoit Best of 7 series for the TV title which was also excellent.  I haven't watched it since it happened, but at the time I was a huge fan of both guys and it was cool seeing them get the spotlight like that even in a series over a lower-tier title like that.  FTR, when I say I was a fan of both guys I am still a big fan of Booker T.  

Back to Magnum and Nikita, it's an interesting snapshot of that feud and wrestling during that time period in general.  Now I fondly remember Hulkamania just like every wrestling fan my age, but that right there is what I think of when I think of wrestling from my beginnings as a fan.